The Sierra de la Giganta mountain range around Loreto is carved with spectacular canyons, making hiking one of Loreto's greatest treasures. A couple months ago, I enjoyed the most beautiful hike of my life: Liguí Canyon.  Located off Highway 1 at the km 83 exit, about 30km south of Loreto Bay, the hike follows a shallow stream up a very narrow canyon.  With the exception of climbing around a small swimming hole toward the trailhead, the hike is not very difficult.  However, if you are not comfortable climbing over a few boulders, then I would suggest an easier hike such as Juncalito. 


The biggest challenge is finding the trailhead, so it might be best to go with someone who has been there before.  The best set of directions I can give is to take a right and drive under the highway overpass at the km 83 exit, and then use your car’s odometer to measure 3.6 miles back toward the mountains.  At 3.6 miles, the rocks will likely be too big for your car to clear, so you’ll have to walk another half mile to the trailhead. With luck, you’ll have the stream to guide you, as long as it hasn’t dried up yet.  Expect to get your feet wet.  Bring good hiking shoes, sunscreen, lots of water, snacks, and of course your camera!  The scenery is absolutely breathtaking!  I only went about 3 miles in because my hiking buddy’s shoes fell apart, but the trail apparently goes about 8 miles back and then climbs all the way to the top of the mountains.  I’m looking forward to hiking further next time!

Posted on January 29, 2014 .