Again and again, we hear people say that they fell in love with Loreto before they even arrived, by reading blogs and hearing stories of people who had been to Loreto before them. 

So, although it may be untraditional for a hospitality website to feature a personal blog, we thought what better way for guests to look forward to their vacation, than to read about someone’s experiences there.

Welcome to Loreto.  My name is Gillian and I will be your “tour guide.” I moved to Loreto from Seattle two weeks ago, fat gato in tow.  I’ve lived all over the world, but have been drawn back to Loreto several times since 2007.  Finally, a few months ago, as the last vibrantly colored leaves of a beautiful Seattle autumn turned brown and the skies turned ominously gray, I made the decision to move south.

I hope you enjoy this glimpse of life in Loreto.  I look forward to meeting you when you arrive here!

Posted on January 24, 2014 .